Managed Print Services – Why Small Business Owners Should Care


With a surprising amount of money being spent by small businesses on printing costs, it’s time to take a serious look at a proven way to identify these costs and save up to 30 percent with a properly designed print management program.


In today’s economy, everyone is trying to look for ways to cut costs and save money. For small businesses, managed print services can provide many different types of savings benefits. The savings is not only of money, but also your valuable time. Many owners think that it may not be beneficial to them since they have a smaller business. On the contrary, small businesses may be the ones that benefit more because of their lower profit margin in contrast to their overhead. Spending hours on the phone with an IT specialist trying to trouble shoot problems with a printer or copier is one specific waste of time, which in turn, is money that will not be made during that time period.


What exactly is managed print services? It is a smart idea that can save your company hours of time and lots of money that begins with change. You may have heard of this before and wonder what working with a managed print services provider will actually do to help your company. They are highly trained experts that work in the field of managing print activities that can implement a plan for identifying excess costs and reducing your overall spending. They can maximize your company’s cost savings and fine tune which documents are going to which printers. This helps to achieve optimal productivity and lifespan of the printers within your company.


The ultimate job of MPS for small businesses is to save money, cut additional spending, proactively minimize issues, and actively monitor your printers to predict when and where there may arise a potential problem. A print management provider will also be in charge of timely supplies delivery and automated ordering processes. This lowers the need to stockpile supplies in a closet that may never even get used. MPS will basically reorganize your current structure to make it more efficient and less wasteful in both time and money. The potential to benefit from these types of services is enormous and may be even more proportionally beneficial to utilize managed print services for small business over a large one.


What are the advantages, besides the obvious reason of saving money? Basically, the advantages are control, convenience and cost. The control aspect comes from the MPS provider in finding out exactly where your company is wasting money and implements a plan of action to take control of it. Many times, a company is unaware of just how much time and money they are truly spending on activities. These wasteful activities could be processing multiple purchase orders or invoices for toner each month, troubleshooting printers, or something as simple using twice as much paper as needed by using printers that only print on one side. Of course all of these are the easy things to find. When you start looking at the supplies cost and energy efficiency of newer printers compared to older ones, it takes cost savings to a whole new level.


Convenience is self-explanatory and everyone would like to make things simpler in life. When you use managed print services, many of the inconveniences are taken off your hands. Such things like ordering supplies for the office, fixing equipment problems or malfunctions and resolving complex billing issues that come from having multiple suppliers. All of these will be lifted from the company and the managed print services provider will make it their responsibility. The cost will be inevitably cut with all of those changes listed above when you let the experts handle these things for you. The end result will be an efficient office when you cut expenses on paper, ink or toner, lower your electricity use and improve employee productivity.


There are many advantages to using managed print services and as shown above, MPS is not just for the larger corporations. Studies show that the costs are rising in virtually every business area. Business owners and organizational leaders are being challenged with finding ways to reduce such overhead without taking away from something necessary to their company; time and productivity. It may be time for your company to do some research and choose Managed Print Services to get your business back on track.

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